• Why Us?

  • Welcome to Computing and Information Services

    Quality has meaning now.We know that quality of your product is how much important for your company.So we make quality products.We believe that CIS as a company, service and product strives to make a difference in the lives of people and helps to make it a better world.

Why You Should Hire Us?

CIS is a team of professionals with diverse expertise working together across Bangladesh and global platform.In collaboration with our colleagues, we actively shape the future of the product.

we help our clients with customized IT solutions to minimize their IT headaches and keep their IT operations run effectively. We care about their satisfaction level. We thrive for perfection and perform effectively & efficiently.

At CIS customer satisfaction comes first. All the employees have been extensively trained to understand and promote customer satisfaction

CIS sets and maintains high standards for all products, services, and processes.We believe in the transformative power of technology.United by our commitment to innovation and excellence.We make software for business that want to become more profitable,more efficient, and more agile.