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    As a web-based platform, our portal will allows users to connect with one another and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. It combines information from different sources into a single user interface.

About Online News Portal

Newspapers have gone digital as each and every one of them provide e-paper and online news website services. Digital media has become an integral part of modern society and a potential challenge to the print media. Since the number of people who are using Internet is increasing day by day, the challenge will be going high in coming years.Feautures of our online portal is :

1: Customised news portal design

Online news portal development should provide readers with the possibility to customize their hope page giving them the power to choose sections, contents, topics of their interest. If the design fail to offer this personalized reader experience, visitors are more likely to leave the portal looking for some others which offer them that.

2: Breaking News

This is another important distinctive feature of an awesome news portal website development. Instant breaking news updates with unfolding stories of popular interest are powerful enough to keep the portal dragging readers all the day. If your portal is the one which brings breaking and shaking news to the readers in the first place, then they are more likely to visit your news portal looking for something that shake them.

3: Style matters

News portal development is a work of creativity as well. Creating the portal or website with a stylish and up-to-the-minute design is an absolute process of art and creativity. You have to know the audience and design for them. I have many online news apps on my mobile and I go for the most attractive one. I believe most of the readers also tend to do so. Every successful news portals that I have come across have beautiful and impressive style.

4: Easy to navigate design

News portal designs which are easy to navigate are more likely to be visited by readers than those without it. The navigation menu should be simple and in the right position. Most news websites put their primary navigation menu just below the header and above the content. Some others use left side bar as well. Both these positions are easily seen by the visitors.

5: Colour scheme

In news portal development, readability is the most important feature. Most news portal websites use dark text on a white background. The contrast of colours facilitates the readability of the content and that is why ‘black on white’ scheme is the most suitable for news portals and websites. If the content in your portal is not readable, visitors are going to hate your portal for sure. So, keep in mind that contrast in colours is a must.